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Dominos The Mandalorian Star Wars - The Child

Dominos The Mandalorian Star Wars - The Child

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This set of 28 plastic dominoes each feature cute graphics of The Child character aka "Baby Yoda" on one side with standard stains on the other providing two play options.

The game is easy to understand and the first person to play is the person holding the double six (or double image). With the double tile in play, players can only play one tile that has a number (or picture) that matches one at each end of the chain of dominoes. Each laid tile must be positioned so that the two corresponding ends are adjacent. Normally, the game ends when a player "discards" (plays his last domino).

Packaged in a printed stainless steel box, this officially licensed domino set makes a great gift for any fan of The Mandalorian and the original Star Wars film franchise.

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